Aaron Winklebleck

Aaron Winklebleck

Building Designer

Having a father who is a designer means I was introduced to drafting at a pretty young age.

I can still recall my first lesson; I was 8, and he showed me how to draft a 3 view schematic of a camcorder battery. My very first computer had a copy of AutoCAD R10 on it, and I had plenty of things I wanted to draw.

When I got into highschool there wasn’t really any debate about the elective I was going to take ­drafting. Two years latter I was invited to participate in an individual studies program that allowed me to explore all kinds of different mediums.

I began working part time with my Dad in the summer after my sophomore year, and while I’ve explored a few other areas, I always seem to come home. I have grown a lot as a drafter and a designer since that time, and as always looked to different mediums to improve or service.

Green Building has been a very keen interest of mine for many years. Each project is its own puzzle ­ different pieces that can be fit together just so; efficient, clean, and a joy to live in. Being able to bring good space planning, tight design and a smart structure together with sensible and useful green measures can make an otherwise boring remodel into a profoundly positive change for the home owner. That’s why I do what I do.