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At Orchard Home Design we create all of our designs, real time, with our clients. It is crucial that we place our clients needs and wants at the heart of the design process. As our client, your participation in the design process insures that your project includes those considerations that you find important. Without your critical input, the project wouldn’t be as success.

Construction plans, by their very nature create the basis of common agreement between many participants in the building process: the client, contractors, building departments, and consultants to name a few. The more clear and concise the plans are, the easier it is to create good understanding between all participants. With all parties on the same page, it is much easier for them to act as team members for the benefit of the client. With this common agreement, projects are completed more easily, quickly and cost effectively.

Each day as we work on designs and plans, we employ three primary concepts:

Craftsmanship means that our plans and designs must be clear, high quality and elegant. The concept of elegance is applied both in the sense of style, and also in the sense of having no superfluous elements.

Stewardship means making certain we are utilizing your resources wisely. For example we may spend a little extra time making sure that a design is modular, so material waste is minimized. Or we may pause the project to get initial bids from contractors to make sure the project is inline with your budget. We will cover that topic in future articles.

Advocacy means it is our priority to guide you in the design process, understand your needs and desires, and work to demonstrate what alternatives are available to you.

Our History

When we opened our doors in 1986 it was with an idea in mind: every project, no matter how grand or modest, deserves a good design and competent set  of plans. On this foundation we developed a system to create designs and construction documents focused on these ideals.

Originally founded under the name Cornerstone Limited, we incorporated

under the name Remodeling Design Professionals, but continued to conduct business under the Cornerstone Limited banner.

In 2014 after much deliberation, we have become Orchard Home Design. As before, we continue to move forward, creating client centered designs and plans…

 Every project, however grand or modest, deserves to have a competent design and good plan documents.

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Awards + Certifications

BIG Certified Green Building Designer
San Jose Beautiful Award
San Jose Symphony Showcase

What our clients say about us

  • "Aaron was very instrumental in assisting me with my kitchen remodeling project. Got things done in a timely manner and always available when I needed him . I felt confident that things were also going to be handled properly and they were. A great pleasure to work with and well worth the investment."
    John A.
  • "Dan was a great help to us in remodeling our kitchen. He was extremely professional and came up with some ideas we hadn't even thought of. He was thorough, timely and quick to answer any questions. We would work with Dan and his staff again."
    Heather C.
  • "Dan did a wonderful job working with our family on a long term remodel for our house. Easy to work with, friendly, and very well qualified. "
    Bill H.
  • "My husband and I hired Dan Winklebeck to work with us in developing a new kitchen plan. What a creative person! Dan has so much insight into developing ideas from our conversation into a reality that it made the process seem so easy. And, you know it isn't! His knowledge and experience of all of the aspects of putting a new kitchen together is a real asset and so valuable when you are a novice looking at such a project; cabinetry, surface materials, plumbing, appliances, flooring needs. He was able to draw out plans as we spoke at our first meeting and then was always available to send details of the plan to contractors as we were looking for the right contracting firm to work with. A very satisfying and reassuring experience. It is great to find a reputable professional with whom to work! "
    Jinny D.
  • “We wanted to remove a load bearing sheer wall to open up the space on our first floor and needed drawings. We hired Remodeling Design Professionals and they did an outstanding job. They were incredibly polite, professional and precise with their estimate of time and cost to complete the project. Their knowledge of housing codes is a real asset and was essential when it came to the impact of removing the wall, i.e. would our wood burning fireplace need to be replaced by a gas one (short answer: no) They also have a great relationship with a variety of contractors and structural engineers so communication amongst the groups during the whole process was clear, which made the overall remodeling work painless. All in all my wife and I are beyond pleased with the end product and we look forward to working with them immediately for our next project. ”
    Ray B.
  • "COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS PROJECT WITHOUT Dan and Aaron... The City of San Jose building department (as usual) kept getting Codes and Setbacks all wrong on my property (being a corner lot). Both Dan and Aaron knew more about "their" codes and setbacks than they Did! Because of mistakes the CITY made (not Dan or Aaron)... I had to revise my plans 3 times but thanks to this father & son team they were able to get my drawings turned around very quickly. Interesting story about how I found Cornerstone Limited... a builder who I have known for many years and highly respect, was building a home that Dan and Aaron had designed. He was so impressed with their plans he passed the name and phone number to me... well it turned out to be the BEST referral. Thanks guys, keep up the great work... "
    Joe K.