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Remodel U ­- The First Day of Class

Let me be upfront with you. When we started this blog project it was strictly as an SEO tool for our companies website. Since then its gotten a little away from us as we discovered the breadth of topics we have opinions on. I know, opinionated designers, who knew?

Welcome to Remodel U, a blog created to give homeowners honest insights into general information about remodeling and why our methods work. If you end up giving us a call and we can work together, thats great. If not, then we hope that the information here helps makes your remodel easier, better and successful.

Dan is our lead designer and owner. He’s been working in the remodeling field for 40 years now. He developed the foundations for all of our processes and methods and taught me everything I know about remodeling. He’s the guy you really want in your corner when the unexpected arises and you need someone to stand, and advocate for what you want. He will will be one of the main contributors to this blog, and if we work together, the first person you’re likely to meet. My name is Aaron, and I am the production manager here. I’ve been designing homes and remodels for 15 years, and I am responsible for managing the project once the design phase is complete. I’ll also be writing some of the articles here and keeping you updated as different products and methods become available.

Our company has gone through a few incarnations since its founding in 1986. We opened our doors as Cornerstone Limited, then incorporated under the name Remodeling Design Professionals; accurate, if something of a mouthful. At the beginning of 2015 we rebranded to Orchard Home Design.

We are not your typical design company: we are not architects, we are not a boutique design house, we are not a design/ build firm. What we are, is advocates; your advocates. We believe it is our job to help you understand and accomplish the remodel that you need and want. Look at it from a profit motive perspective:­ if you love your new home, you are (hopefully) going to refer us, and that how we get more business. To do this we MUST be good stewards of your time and resources.

We’re also a Green company. The term “green” gets thrown around a lot; I’ll cover that in a later article. What being Green means to us is designing homes that use resources efficiently. Not just water and electricity, but materials and space. We identify ways to improve resource usage AND make your home more comfortable. Your home is the user interface for the rest of your life ©; it should conserve your money while making your life more enjoyable.

Finally, we are building designers; this means we don’t practice architecture. What we do is not taught at any university, so far as we know. It must be learned on the job, passed from teacher to student. It is true that an architect can design your home remodel, as can a contractor, a painter or a plumber. Each of them knows about houses. What sets us apart is our understanding of the whole, and our focus on what’s truly important; what you want and need. Designing custom homes and remodels is what we do, and we have been one of the best in the business for the last 28 years. Let’s realize your new home.


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